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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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As the result of visits to Workshops and Outworkers, the following works have been carried out:—

Cleansing entire premises6
„ partial premises11
Overcrowding of workrooms abated3
W.c. flush improved3
Drinking water supply improved1
Drainage and paving works3
Use of bedroom as workshop discontinued1
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Laundries .—There are 49 laundries registered under the Acts, and during the year sanitary improvements have been made as follows:—

Washhouse paving repairedin 4 cases.
Works of cleansing carried out„ 7 „
Drains repaired„ 4 „
Roofs and gutters„ 3 „
W.c. flush reinstated„ 2 „
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Bakehouses.—The improvements effected in the condition of the
bakehouses both over and underground, by the extensive alterations
carried out in the year 1903, have been well maintained, and the
premises are kept (with one or two exceptions) in very good condition.

There are 51 retail bakehouses in the district, of which 6 are underground, and during the year the following repairs have been effected, in addition to the periodical cleansing:—

Repairs to pavingin 6 cases.
Special cleansing„ 5 „
W.c. flush repaired ...„ 3 ,,
Drains repaired„ 2 „
Gutters, etc., repaired„ 2 ,,
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House-to-house inspection has been carried out in the following
roads:—Berwick Road, Billet Road, Colebrooke Road, Cuthbert Road,
Cranbrook Road, Edinburgh Road, Farey’s Row, Gladstone Road,
Gosport Road, Hawthorne Road, Hylton Grove, Linford Road, Mansfield
Road, Mark house Avenue, Short Road, Telford Road, Vallentin
Road and Waverley Avenue.
Premises to the number of 3,845 have been inspected, and works of
sanitary improvement have been carried out in 1,149. In 183 cases
drains have been reconstructed or repaired.
It is noticeable that the work of drain reconstruction tends on the
average to decrease, a condition which might be anticipated in view of

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