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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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registered deaths by 53,078, against excesses 01
51,478, 51,558, and 50,396 respectively, in the three
preceding years."
The Deaths during the year numbered 408. This
mortality was the lowest of the last ten years.

Statement of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Commissioners of Public Baths and Wash-houses,

of St. Martin- In-the-Fields.

For the year ending1stDecember,1883.

1883. RECEIPTS.£s.d.£s.d.PAYMENTS.£s.d.£s.d.
Jan. 1. Balance in the hands of the Bankers14595???iricklayer’s work—Clement, J. R..37811
Boiler cleaning—Brookes, E.. ..800
„ late Clerk (Wages Account)7423
Loals—Radford, D., & Co.484130
Wigan Coal & Iron Co.126150
1,853 1st Class Female Bathers, Warm4666
Joke—Gaslight & Coke Co.253140
5,506 2nd „ „ „45178
fire Bars—Annan, D.1167
82 1st „ „ Cold106
Gas—Gaslight & Coke Co.11301
1,067 2nd „ „ „4811
???uron goods—Addis & Co.391910
20,247 1st Class Male Bathers, Warm50636
Wilman’s Goods—Williams & Co.27911
34,897 2nd290162
Printing—Harrison & Sons18133
809 let „ „ Cold1023
Rates, Taxes, and Insurance—
2.549 2nd „ „ „10125
Cook, J., Poor Rates27113
Marshall, T. W., Assessed Taxes12131
Royal Exchange, Insurance100
40,441 Washers1,076183Sun Fire Office . do.700
Soap Sold501811
Rent—Florence, H. L., one year (less Property Tax)82194
Use of Extra Towels187
H.M. Commissioners of Woods, &c., half-year (less Property Tax)37168
McLean, T., one year's rent of 18, Green Street11000
Overseers of the Poor (by order of the Vestry)30000
Green, S., old Towelling1411
Soap—Gibbs, D. & W...2110
Towelling—Hailing, Pearce & Stone56167
Water—New River Co.2101311
Sundry persons under £5 each19118
Murnane, G. W., Clerk (half-year)12100
Jacques, Hy., Surveyor (one year)500
Cook, James, Clerk (pro tem)823
Weekly Wages—25123
Superintendent and Matron10400
1st Class Male Attendant54120
2nd Class Male Attendants10400
Female Bath Attendants..46188
Laundry Attendants7540
Money Taker to Baths2714
Towel Washers2340
Extra Labour and Attendance5568
Balance in the hands of the Bankers.248103
,, in the hands of the late Clerk (Wages A/c)7623
„ in the hands of the Superintendent4169
£2,67503 I£2,67503

Of the above 408 Deaths, 118 occurred in the
Charing Cross Hospital, and of this number who died