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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1883

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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The Overseers' Account for the Half-year ending Lady-Day, 1884.

To Balance from last Account911110Nov. 3. By Cash Paid Treasurer of Guardians597165
Cash of Messrs. Dangerfield and Blythe, for Fines repaid by Treasury in aid of Costs incurred in Prosecuting Disorderly Houses86104
Dec. 1. do. do.2,00000
,, 17. do. do.2,00000
Jan. 21. do. do.2,00000
,, Cash received from the Churchwardens and Overseers—Half-year's Dividend on Workhouse Fund51124,, 26. do. do.1,69300
Feb. 22. do. do.3,00000
,, Cash received from Poor Kate, made 18th Oct., 1883. viz.:—Mar. 8. do. do.1,50000
,, 25. do. do.1,50000
,, 25. do. do.115116
Mr. Cook, No. 1 Ward8,071147
,, Greenfield ,, 2 ,,3,80273
„ Marshall ,, 3 ,,6,798132Jan. 21. Police Rate2,157183
Feb. 2. „ „2,15718
Jan. 22. Messrs. Warrington, Printing, Stamps and Stationery17140
Nov. 3. Commissioners of Baths and Washhouses30000
,, 3. Borough Registration8392
County do.12188
Jury List4080
Mar.13. High Bailiff of Westminster40178
Nov.13. Mr. W. S. Cross, Surveys for Assessment30196
Feb. 25. Messrs. Dangerfield and Blythe, Costs of Prosecutions1111910
Jan.26. Messrs. Isaacson's Justices Clerks' Fees186

This is the lowest number of Births during the
last ten years. The Registrar-General, in his Annual
Summary for the year 1883, says:—"The births
registered in London in the year (52 weeks) numbered
133,656, and were in the proportion of 339
to 1,000 inhabitants. This was the lowest birth-rate
recorded since 1860, in which year the rate was only
33.6. The lowness of the birth-rate was more than
compensated by the still greater reduction of the
death-rate; for the registered births exceeded the