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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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14 Messrs. T. W. MARSHALL & HOGARTH, Churchwardens, in Account with the Parishioners of St. Martin-in-the-Fields 15

Church General Cash Account from the19thday of May,1862,to the18th of May,1863.

Carried forward6936???By amount brought forward68406
Cash. Calico, Evergreens, and Paper Flowers for Church0199
„ T. Busby, Extra Work and Attendance at Church, Cleaning Windows, Boating Carpets, &c.0166
„ Cheque Stamps, Postages, Stationery, &c,0100
„ Messrs. Bevington, covering Organ0100
„ Mrs. Stamp, washing Cover for Font006
„ Cleaning Church (June, 1862)6411
„ Messenger from Admiralty with Flags020
Balance carried to next account026

WE, the undersigned being the Auditors elected by the Parishioners to
audit the Accounts of Messrs. T. W. Marshall and Hogarth, Churchwardens,
report that we have examined and compared the several Vouchers with this Account
and find the same correct.
W. S. Staunton.
Charles Coule.
H. J. Garlant.
Vestry Hall,
June 3rd, 1863.