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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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Dr.Cash paid to Almswomen and Out-pensioners, as per Alms' Pay-Book.
To Cash received of Mr. Marshall and 1 he Right Hon. Lord Overstone. balance of their account24817???1862-63.
One Year's Rent of Lamp Acre Estate, due at Michaelmas, 1862, per Trustees.PAID TO OUTPENSIONERS.PAID TO ALMSWOMEN.TOTAL PAYMENTS.
To Cash of Messrs. Orme, for portion of Premises used as a Distillery, and 3 Houses in Wellington Street21500£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.
1862 May5800986015660
Less One Year's Property Tax812June5810010320159120
„ Mr. S. W. Woodgate for No. 15, Friar Street, and Insurance102100August541009618015180
Less One Year's Property Tax3156October541009618015180
„ Mr. J. W. Wood for 10 Houses in Martin Street, and Insurance7396December5710011920176120
1863 January561009980155180
Less One Year's Property Tax2126February50001066015860
„ Wm. Judd, Esq., for 18 Houses in Martin Street7200April4910010411615416
Less One Year's Property Tax2140£654100£1232100£188700
„ Mr. Howe, for No. 79, Friar Street, and Insurance401663y Cash paid, Rev. R. G. Connor, Chaplain, one year's Salary, to Lady day, 18635000
Less One Year's Property Tax1106
„ Mr. Blackstone, Surgeon, ditto ditto ditto2500
„ Mr. Hollis, for No. 80, Friar Street, and Insurance34150
„ Nurses550
Less One Year's Property Tax159
„ Chapel Clerk1160
„ Matron, cleaning Chapel and Sundries6158
„ Mr. Burnell, for a Slip of Ground100
„ Ditto, cleaning Rooms, Passages, and Stairs156
Less Property Tax009
5, Ditto, washing Surplices and Communion Linen148
019???„ G. Lawrence, sweeping Grounds (£4 16s.), removing Dust (£3 3s.), chopping up and distributing Wood to Almswomen (10s.), and repairing Windows, Ate. (7s.)8160
One Year's Rent of Cockspur Street Estate. due at Michaelmas 1862 Trustees.
To Cash of Commissioners of Woods, &c., Rent Charge on No. 1318000„ Cab Hire to pay Almswomen (one year)300
„ One year's Annuity to Mrs. Steward, charged on the house No. 181. High Holborn4826
Less one Year's Property Tax6150„ Sun Fire Office, Insurance on No. 181, High Holborn£650
„ Mr. Jas. Oliphant, Rent and Insurance on No 1426916
Less One Year's Property Tax9150„ „ No. 177, Ditto580
25966„ „ Nos. 14 & 15, Cockspur-street1700
„ Mr. John Harborrow, Rent and Insurance on No. 1533090„ „ No. 15, Friar-street300
„ „ No. 79, Ditto1130
Less One Year's Property Tax1270„ „ No. 80, Ditto1100
Carried forward£1,519010???Carried forward£2,07314

Memorandum.—The full establishment in the Alms Houses consists of Seventy Widows and Unmarried
Women, who have been Housekeepers in the Parish; they receive 32s and 42s. 6d. per calender Month,
according to the several Foundations to which they have been elected. Those labouring under sickness,
or other infirmities, are provided with Nurses at the charges of the founds. A Chaplain attends at Chapel
on Sunday and Thursday in each week, to perform Divine Service ; they are also attended by an eminent
Medical Gentleman, and are furnished with Medicine free of charge, the Out-Pensioners consist of Ten
Married Couples, each Couple receiving 30s per Calendar Month; Twenty Single Persons receive 20ft
per Calendar Month each; they have been also Housekeepers in the Parish. The Vestry having found
that several applicants for the Alms Fund preferred receiving the Out-Pension and living with their
friends, instead of residing in the Alms Houses, have during the last few years, elected the most deserving
applicants as Out-Pensioners, by which means the Alms' Fund has been distributed between a larger
number of Out-Pensioners than formerly. The number of Pensioners on the Fund in March, 1861, were
as follows:—58 Almswomen. 8 Married Counles. and 39 Single Person–Out Pensioners.
Deed of Gift of Sir Charles Cotterell and Mrs. Susan Grahme.
Sir Charles Cotterell, in
1686, gave for 8 Alms
Women in the Alms
Houses on bis Foundation
per annum arising from the Manor of Drayton and a
Westover, in the County of Somerset.
and of
Mrs. Susan Grahme, in
1686, for 4 Alms Women
in the Alms Houses on her
per annum arising from the same Manor. These
sums are paid to those twelve Alms Woman
monthly, by the Vicar, or his Deputy for the time|
being, and who form a part of the 70 Alms Women
in the Alms Houses. This fund is independent
of the monthly pay they each receive from the
Parish Foundation.
The residue of the Rent-charge purchased by the
Vestry with £179 Parish Stock.
Smith's Charity.
Henry Smith, Esq., bequeathed
by will, in 1626, to 24
parishes the Rents, &.c., of bis
Manor, and the amount of their
respective shares vary from £12
to £30 per annum, according to
the declarations of the Will
The proportion of the Rent received by this Parish varied
from £20 to £24 per annum; arises from the Manor and Rectory
of Longney, in the county of Gloucester; Trustees, the
Governors of Christ's Hospital, to whom an annual return is
made of the distribution. The proceeds are distributed by the
last senior Churchwarden, in Clothing, Provisions, or Money
to poor persons of good character, who have been or art
residents, or who have lived in the Parish at least five years
either as Housekeepers or Lodgers.
N.B. This Charity is kept separate and distinct from the
General Alms Fund.
Trustees of the Lamp Acre Estate.
1. Mr. r .Cobbett, Northumberland
2. „ R. Hawkes Kentish-Town.
3. „ J.Bowen, Panton Street.
4. H. Hutchings, Lonq Acre
5. W.B.Hudson. Haymarket.
6. J.Jackson, Highgate.
Trustees of the Cockspur Street and
Holborn Estates.
1. Mr. H. J. Hall, Long Acre.
2. „ W. H. Dalton, Cockspur Street
3. „ R. T. Pugh, Salisbury Street.
4. „ R. Cobbett, Northumberland St.
5. „ R. Hawkes, Kentish Town.
6. „ R. Palmer, St. Martin'sLane,
7. „ H. Hutchingk, Long Acre.
8. „ J. Bowen, Panton Street.
9. „ S. Barton, Strand.
10 „ John Jackson, Highgate.