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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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12 Messrs T. W. MARSHALL & HOGARTH, Churchwardens, in Account with the Parishioners of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. 13

Church General Cash Account from the19thday of May,1862,to the18th of May, 1863.

Cash, Messrs. Daintree and Co., dyeing damask Curtains and remaking same for openings over altar and galleries2170
„ Mrs. Hands, for 2 fine linen Surplices480
„ Miss Lawrence, 10 trimmed Caps for pew openers1150
„ Miss Watson, swooping Church Hues]30
„ Mrs. Webb, repairing Church Cushions, &c.076
„ Mr. Brown, for 14 white Tablets for church doors0110
Bible and 2 small Prayer Books for Communion Table01210
.„ Mr. Davies, Water Butt for Drury-lane Burialground0140
„ Mr. Buer, hire of Van to Deptford Dockyard for Flags, and back with same01310
„ Mr. Morris, whitewashing Belfry, Staircase, and Rooms100
„ Ditto, cleaning Windows0110
„ Ditto, Flag Machine, Wheel and Irons to Saint's Bell, and cleaning Bellows' Room1176
„ Ditto, painting and repairing Lamp0100
„ Ditto, Grease and Oil for Bells0811
„ Ditto, Expenses to and from Dockyards to obtain Flags and Poles0140
„ Ditto, painting Bellfry Staircase200
„ Mrs. Zoller, Washing and Repairing Surplices and Communion Linen1096
„ Ditto, Bread for Sacraments01710
„ Ditto, Sundries for Cleaning and Fires01710
„ Gratuity to Sexton, Beadle, and Pew Openers on Visitation Day150
„ Gratuity to 5 Pew Openers at Christmas (10s each)2100
„ Ditto Mr. Cobbet (20s.), Mr. Nelson (20s.), T. Busby (5s.)250
„ Ditto, to Ringers on Easter Monday100
„ 2 Pew Openers, Hearthstoning Aisles and Cleaning Pipes0140
„ Mrs. Walling, Sundries for Cleaning, and Fires040
„ Mr. E. Cobbett (Sexton), Tapers and Sawdust for Lighting Fires and Gas106
„ Ditto, Cleaning Passages, Doors, and Entrances to Church, and Sundries449
„ Ditto, attending early Sacraments100
„ Ditto, Holly for Church at Christmas1176
„ Ditto for Cocoa Matting166
Carried forward68406