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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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10 Messrs. T. W. MARSHALL & HOGARTH, Churchwardens, in Account with the Parishioners of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. 11

Church General Cash Account from the19th day of May,1862,to the 18th of May, 1863.

Carried forward6936???By amount brought forward448120
??? Cash paid, Ringing Bells Princess Alexandra's Entry into London220
„ „ Prince of Wales' Marriage with H.R.H. the Princess Alexandra of Denmark440
„ „ Easter Sunday070
„ „ Easter Monday220
„ Mr. Baker, Winding up Clocks14140
„ Ditto, putting the Cambridge Quarter Chimes to Church clock, with new barrel, new lever work, hammers and springs, &.C., and fixing same2100
„ Ditto, cleaning and repairing Vestry Clock0100
„ Messrs. Pugh for Coals1690
„ Mr. E. Cobbett, repairs to Closet and Windows, and milled Lead for Matting2179
„ Mr. Allsop for Mops, Brooms, Brushes, &c., 1861-2421
„ Mr. Chappell, ditto ditto 1862-3451
„ Mr. Crutch, repairing Locks &c.1156
„ Messrs. Rickets and Co., repairing Gas Fittings and Hot-water Apparatus506
„ Mr. Appleton, repairing Lamp front of Church, and supplying and fixing 4 Brackets with Burners, Piping, &c., on Staircase5160
„ Messrs. Hailing, Pearce, and Stone for crimson velvet Pulpit Cover, making and lining, and Holland Cover for same and stairs4159
„ Messrs. Bowman and May for 3 damask Communion Cloths, and 60 yards, 8/4 in plain, of 8/4 Grey for Organ Cover3166
„ Messrs. White and Co. for 46 yards Crimson 6/4 Double Repp for Curtains for gallery-entrances11150
„ Mrs. Harvey, making 8 Curtains and providing Holland, Binding, and Covers for same320
„ Messrs. Warner and Son, repairing Fittings to peal of 12 bells48100
„ Mr. Hayward, repairs to Vaults, Church, and Church-steeple800
„ Mr. Bowen, for Candles, Soap, and Oil2194
„ Mr. Perks, for Stationery and Books4100
„ „ 32 Psalm and Hymn Books7140
„ Mr. Kendall, for Beadles' gold-laced Hats, 1861 and 1862550
Carried forward£63446