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St James's 1893

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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The Vestry handed to Mr. Ashmead a letter, under their
common seal, expressing their regret that he felt compelled
to relinquish his appointment, and their appreciation
of his faithful and efficient services as collector of rates in
the Pall Mall Ward for over seventeen years.
Generally.—A list of the officers of the Vestry, and
their respective salaries will be found on page 156.
Operative Resolutions in the nature of Standing Orders
have been passed during the year as follows:—
19th April, 1893. That overtime made by the foremen or other
servants of the Vestry, be paid for with the wages for the
week, in which such overtime is made. (W. 14, p. 78-9.)
17th May, 1893. That a schedule of the materials in stock at the
Vestry's Stoneyard, be prepared under the direction of the
Vestry Clerk quarterly, and that it be an instruction to the
proper officers to furnish the necessary information for this
to be done. (W. 14, p. 96.)
17th May, 1893. That it be an instruction to the foreman of
sweepers to see to the ballasting and watering of the streets
as part of his duty, and that when he ceases work, he hand
over such work to the foreman of Orderly boys. (W. 14, p. 96.)
17th May, 1893. That the lamplighter be held responsible for
lighting, reducing and extinguishing the light in the metered
lamps at the proper hours. (W. 14, p. 97.)
14th June, 1893. That each Provisional Valuation List be laid
before the Valuation Committee after objections thereto have
been disposed of by the Assessment Committee. (Val. 1,
p. 41.)
28th June, 1893. That it be an instruction to the Surveyor to
arrange for the emptying of street gullies before 8 o'clock in
the morning. (W. 14, p. 124.)


The following is the number of meetings held during the year

Vestry Meetings25
Finance and House Committee22
Sanitary, Parliamentary Bills, and General Purposes Committee21
Works and Improvements Committee21
Lighting Committee8
St. James's Dwellings Committee12
Valuation Committee8
Special and Sub-Committees9
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