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St James's 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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The Parish of St. James's, Westminster,
Reverend Sir, My Lord, and Gentlemen,
In the present Report I beg to bring
before you the following Tables and Documents:—
1. A Table of the Causes of Death in the
Parish of St. James's, Westminster,
extending from the week beginning
December 31st, 1859, to the week
ending December 29th, 1860.
2. A Report of the Sanitary Inspector's work
for the year 1860.
3. A list of houses drained and drains
repaired by order of the Medical Officer
of Health, and carried out under the
direction of the Sanitary Inspector
during the year 1860.
4. A summary of nuisances removed from
the 14th of July, 1856, to the 31st of
December, 1860.
It would not be proper, nor in accordance with
the spirit of the Act under which I hold my
appointment as Medical Officer of Health, that I
should neglect this opportunity of making some
remarks on the practical results laid before you in
these Tables, and the inferences to be drawn from

The Vestry of St. James's, Westminster, from25th March,I860,

to25th March,1861.

Situation.Description of Work.Cost.
Golden SquareFixing Curb and Laying Paved Footway, and Alterations to McAdam Roadway, &c. &c...17600
PiccadillyJ Relaying portion of Carriageway, opposite Burlington House..9360
TRENCHES.Making good 1531 Trenches, after Gas and Water Companies, as under :—
McAdam Carriageway, 3085 yards Superficial
Pitched Paving, 4933 yards superficial. Footways, 835.
New Yorkshire stone supplied, 226 feet superficial.
Kerb, 206 feet run.