London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St James's 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St James's, Westminster]

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The Vestry of St. James's, Westminster, from 15th March,18G0,

to 25th March,1861.

Situation.Description of Work.Cost.
REPAIRING OLD SEWERS, &c.£.s.d.£.s.d.
Portland StreetRepairing Old Sewers, &c.8898
King Street, Regent Street,Ditto, ditto063
Ormond YardDitto, ditto5138
Green's CourtDitto, ditto1066
Savile EowDitto, ditto3488
Market Street and St. Alban's PlaceRepairing and cleansing18188
King's Arms Yard,Ditto, ditto1410
Regent Street, in Quadrant.Ditto, ditto13196
Cooper's CourtRepairing Old Sewers, &c.080
23, Sherrard StreetNew Sewer, 15-in. Pipes under4100
Park Place, St. James'sOld Sewer removed, and connecting existing Drains with Pipes2183
King Street, St. James's, Savile Row, Lower John Street, Golden Square (two), Rupert Street, and Golden Square,.
Trapping Gullies390
Harris's Place, Little Argyll Street, Dufour's Place, Blenheim Mews, Apple Tree Yard, Jermyn Street, Wardour Mews, King's Place, St. Alban's Place, Great Windmill Street, Tichborne Street, Golden Square, and Rupert Street,Gullies Repaired or Rebuilt24170
Cleansing 103 Gullies5740
Repairs to Flushing Boxes, Air Grates, &c.240
Sewer Clothes, Lamps, &c. &c.700
King's PlaceCleansing, &c.200
Little Marlborough StreetAlteration344
King's Arms YardNew Urinal201610
Coach and Horses YardAlterations to Drains, &c.3128
Ormond YardDitto, ditto127
Bridle LaneReconstructing Urinal17157
Heddon StreetDitto, ditto1330
GenerallyRepairs to Cisterns, Drains, &c.4110