London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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Messrs. Fowler & Chick, in Irongate Wharf Road.
Warehouses have also been built on the North side of
Market Street and on the East side of Paddington
Ranges of eartsheds and stabling have been erected
in Harrow Road, between Dudley House and Messrs.
Piekford's premises, for Mr. Whiteley. Stabling has
also been erected at the West end of Cuthbert Street
and abutting on a portion of the Old Churchyard.
One corrugated iron Church has been constructed
on ground lately belonging to the " Thatched Cottage "
premises, at the rear of houses on the East side of
St. Mary's Terrace.
A portion of a large school building in connection
with St. Augustine's Church, Kilburn, has been built
on the North-West side of Croxley Road, by Saltram
The greater portion of the private dwelling houses
erected this year has been in the North-Western
portion of the Parish, which is being rapidly filled up.
Notices for the further erection of new buildings
have been received by the Vestry from various Builders,
so that as soon as these are completed that portion of
the Parish will be entirely built over.
The total number of buildings erected during the
twelve months is one hundred and sixty-two.

The working expenses during the year have been:—

£s. d.
Two Attendants' Wages7818 6
Lavatory and W.C. Expenses444 1
Total£1232 7

In order to obtain an approximate estimate of the number of persons using the Convenience generally, the Attendants enumerated them for three days, as under :—

Sunday, May 31st967
Monday, June 1st682
Tuesday, June 2nd725