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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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Report, 1890-91. 61
Harrow Road, from the junction with Edgware
Road to Green Street, formerly paved by the late
Metropolitan Board of Works with 3" x 6" Aberdeen
granite paving stones, when the Harrow Road
Improvement was carried out, was, as directed, this
year taken up, and where necessary the old concrete
was floated over with Portland Cement and new wood
blocks were laid thereon.
The Vestry passed a resolution to wood-pave
Queen's Road, from Bishop's Road to the Bayswater
Road; the macadamized surface was broken up, the
useable portion of the macadam being mixed with
Thames Ballast and Portland Cement to form the
foundation. The levels were altered so as to improve
the general surface of the roadway, which formerly
was of a very inconvenient and unsightly appearance
in consequence of the levels of the two footways not
being uniform. The entire length of footways were
relaid, and the kerb bedded on a concrete foundation.
Considerable difficulty was experienced in obtaining
satisfactory wood blocks from the Contractors, and
serious delays took place from time to time owing to
non-delivery, thus causing waste of time, additional
expense, and great inconvenience to the public
generally, owing to the roads being closed for a longer
period than they should have been.

The quantity of Materials used and the cost thereof, and Wages paid for Wood Paving Works

during the year has been as follows, viz.:—

Locality.Superficial Area.Labour, Superintendence, &c.Wood Blocks.Portland Cement.Thames Ballast.Thames Sand.Thames Shingle.Water.Cartage.Total Cost.
Yards.£s.d.No.Sacks.C. Yards.C. Yards.C. Yards.Sq. Yds.Days.£s.d.
Harrow Road, from Green Street to Irongate Wharf Road1,379116111156,42039188417¼1,37932424100
Queen's Road6,723945133259,8444,487633¼403½63¾6,7236634,0171410
Harrow Road, from Irongate Wharf Road to Edgware Road2,0681637585,32868414141¾2,06817623152


Harrow Road, from Green Street to North Wharf Road3,60614300138,38028083½41¼3,60621¼1,10398
Radnor Place and Somers Place2,174942286,14519658¼24¼2,17416698311
Porchester Road3,678165168142,87731496443¾3,67830¾1,16908
Edgware Road, from Maida Hill West to Church Street5,819246171243,534490½116505,81930¼1,9251711