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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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During the twelve months 38 streets have been repaired; the quantity of materials used and the expenses incurred have been:—

Wages for Labour3451310
15,772 New Wood Blocks9499
57,766 Old Wood Blocks57154
2,895½ Bushels of Cement223310
2,364½ Bushels of Sand5923
156 Bushels of Shingle3180

The expenses incurred in making good and repairing pipe trenches, &c., after Gas and Water Companies, &c., in 29 streets during the year have been as follow:—

Wages for Labour66191
3,705 New Wood Blocks2316
7,767 Old Wood Blocks7154
387½ Bushels of Cement29167
515 Bushels of Sand12176
81 Bushels of Shingle206
40 Gallons of Tar0134

The undermentioned Wood Paving Renewals were carried out during the year:—

Locality.Date when First Laid.Renewed in 1890.
Harrow Road, from Bishop's Road to Green StreetAugust, 1881.June, 1890.MEMO. For quantity of Materials used and cost thereof see the following page.
Radnor Place and Somers PlaceJune, 1879.July, 1890.
Porchester Road, from Bishop's Road to Westbourne Park VillasNov., 1881.July, 1890.
Edgware Road, from Church Street to Maida Hill WestOctober, 1881.October, 1890.