London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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REPORT, 1890-91.
XXXII. Municipal Reference Library.
The following Resolution of the Vestry is still
under consideration of the Legal Committee:—
" That it be referred to the Legal and Parliamentary
Committee to consider and report as to
whether any, and if so, what better arrangements
can be made for preserving and utilizing the books
and papers acquired by the Vestry from time to
XXXIII. Poor Rate Accounts.
The Local Government Board in November,
1890, forwarded to the Vestry a draft of proposed
Regulations prescribing the mode of keeping the
Poor Rate Accounts, but owing to certain alterations
and suggestions made to the Local Government
Board, the proposed order will remain in abeyance
until such time as the Local Government Board
shall have fully considered the recommendations and
suggestions brought under their notice.
XXXIV. Hygiene and Demography.
Sir George D. Harris, L.C.C., Chairman of the
Sanitary Committee, Mr. H. H. Collins, F.R.I.B.A.,
Fellow of the Sanitary Institute and Vice-Chairman
of the Sanitary Committee, and Mr. Mark H. Judge,
F.R.I.B.A., Fellow of Sanitary Institute, were
elected to represent the Vestry at the International
Congress of Hygiene which will assemble in London,
under the Presidency of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales,
in August next.

A Poll was taken on the 2nd May last, with the following result:—

Question 1.Answer.
Are you in favour of the adoption of the Libraries Acts for the Borough of Paddington, in the County of London ?1,5904,528
Question 2. Are you in favour of the Rate being limited to one-halfpenny in the pound ?1,6331,912