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Paddington 1889

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington]

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The total cost of these works to the Vestry
amounted to £2,612 19s. 8d.
In consequence of complaints received from various
occupiers of houses in that portion of Queen's Road
between Inverness Place and Uxbridge Road, that
their drains were very often stopped through defective
connections with the existing pipe sewers there, and
the expense they incurred in having new drains connected,
also of the broken and sunken condition of
many of the main pipes themselves, and constant
expense to the Vestry in re-constructing them, the
Vestry considered it advisable to improve the drainage
by constructing a Brick Sewer, and re-connecting the
house and other drains therewith. The new sewer,
six hundred and seventy-four feet in length, and
14-feet 6-inches deep to invert, and has a fall from
the Uxbridge Road to Inverness Place, with an outlet
through 12-inch iron pipes into the deep level sewer
constructed in 1863, which has a fall into the Middle
Level Sewer in Uxbridge Road.
The total length of sewers under the jurisdiction
of the Vestry is 54 miles, 3 furlongs, and 103 yards.
The Sewer in Brindley Street, Harrow Road, being
found in some respects in an insanitary condition,
owing to the number of disused brick drain mouths in
side walls of sewer having broken in and the ground
round them forced into the sewer by rats, thereby
impeding the proper flow of the sewage, also that the side