London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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Statement of Contracts- Continued.

No.Date of Contract.Name of Contractor.Nature of Contract.Amount or Price of Contract
191890. July 2Mowlem, J. & Co., MessrsPaving, &c., Ivydale-road£588.
20„ 2DittoDitto Athenlay-road£294.
21„ 2DittoDitto Laurie-park-avenue£1184.
22July 16Auty, J., MrConstruction of greenhouse, Sydenham Recreation-ground£130.
23„ 17Woodham and Fry, MessrsPaving, &c., Stanstead-road£310.
24„ 9Corrall&Co., Messrs.Supply of Coal£1/3/3 per ton.
2531Fox, William, .Mr.Repairs, &c., offices£75.
26„ 31Ditto„ Hospital£34.
27Oct. 29Woodham and Fry, MessrsPaving, &c., Algernon-road£1539.
28Nov. 13Wakeley Bros, and Co., MessrsForageAt various prices.
29„ 14Shove, J. and Son, Messrs
30„ 14Taylor & Gardiner, Messrs
31„ 17Tuff,C.&C..Messrs.
32„ 18Rivers, F., MrRepairing and painting notice hoards, Penge£17/10/-
33Dec. 10Marshall, J.G.B., Mr.Paving, &c , Mayow-road£2999.
34„ 16Rivers, F., MrFour new slop carts£20 each.
35„ 30Martin, J. and Son, MessrsPaving, &c., Fairlawn-park£1134/3/8.
361891. Jan. 21Mowlem, J. & Co., MessrsDitto Dacres- road'£2470.
37„ 21DittoDitto Silverdale-road£891.
38„ 29Rivers, F., Mr.Slop carts£19/10/- each.
39„ 29Fox, William, Mr.Painting, &c., Board's Hospital£29/17/6.
40Feb. 18Marshall, Mr. FRepairs and painting water vans, &c., Blackheath and Lewisham division£88.
41„ 18Batchelor,W. E. Mr.Ditto, Sydenham and Forest-hill division£90/181-
42„ 18Stening, A., MrDitto Penge£57.
43„ 24Hollick& Co..MessrsSupply of Portland cement, Blackheath and Lewi ham and Sydenham& Forest -hill£1/11/- per ton.
£1/12/6 „
44„ 24DittoDitto, Penge£1/12/6
45„ 24Woodham and Fry, MessrsSupply of pitchers, Anerley-hill£1/9/6
46„ 24DittoDitto, Thames Ballast, Blackheath and Lewisham4/8 per yard.
47„ 24DittoDitto ditto, Penge6/9 „
48„ 26Woodham, Messrs. W. and JDitto, Sydenham and Forest-hill6/- „