London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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S tatement of Contracts.- Continued.

No.Date of Contract.Name of Contractor.Nature of Contract.Amount or Price of Contract.
491891. Feb. 26Fennings, r. l. & J., MessrsSupply of Kerbing, Black-heath and Lewisham1/8 per foot.
,, 26DittoDitto, Sydenham and Forest-hill1/9½
DittoDitto, crossing pitchers, Sydenham and Forest-hill Ditto,Channel pitchers, Black-£1/8/9 per ton.
Dittoheath and lewisham Supply of channel pitchers,£1/1/6 „
50DittoSydenham and Forest-hill£1/3/2 per ton.
Ditto kerbing, Penge1/1½ per foot.
Ditto channel pitchers, I'enge£1/1/- per ton.
51March 2Wakelcy, Bros, and Co., MessersForageAt various prices.
522Sabin, George, Mr.Horse hire, Lewisham8/9 per day.
532Joy, William, Mr.Ditto Blackheath9/- per day.
54„ 3Pickernell,J.C.,Mr.Horse hire. Dust Collecting, Blackheath and Lewisham6/- per day.
55„ 3Stimpson, W., Mr.Horse Hire, Sydenham and Forest-hill and Lower Sydenham8/- per day watering & cartage, &
56„ 3Winnifrith, Richard MrHorse Hire, Penge28/6 for rollers. 4/- per day dusting 7/6 per day watering and cartage.
57„ 3Tuff,C.&C.,Messrs.Forage26/-per day, rollers At various prices.
5 8„ 3Shove, J. and Son,forageDitto.
59„ 13Batcbelor.W. K., MrWater vans and carts, Penge£19/10/- each.
60„ 13Stening, A., Mr.Water vans, Blackheath and Lewisham£42 each van.
Water vans, Sydenham and Forest-hill£34 each van.
61„ 23Moscr and Son, MessrsToolsAt schedule of prices.
62„ 25Waller, G., Mr.Refreshments,Sydenham and Forest-hill Recreation GroundDitto.