London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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Contracts entered into by the Board in the year ended 26th March,


No.Date of Contract.Name of Contractor.Nature of Contract.Amount or Price of Contract.
11890. March 26Wakeloy Brothers and Co., Messrs.ForageAt various prices.
2„ 26Badham. H C., and Co , MessersIronwork for sewersAt a schedule of
3April 2Bern-man, E. G., and Sons, Messrs.Stationeryprices. At a schedule of
44 2Mnwlem, J. & Co., MessrsParing, 4c., Allenby-roadprices. £651.
52Woodham, W. and J., MessrsDitto Ilouston-mad£540.
6May 1Svkes. A.. Mr11 ire of Dust-shoot,Perry-hill£20 a year.
7„ 7Woodham. Messrs. w . and JSewerage jobbing worksAt a schedule of
8„ 9Wills and packham, MessrsSupply of dug flints, at wharfprices. 4/8 per yard.
9„ 9Winnifrith, Mr. R.,, Croydon gravel, at Penge4/3 per yard.
10Ross, Messrs. C. & Sons,, Broken Guernsey granite, at wharf11/7 per yard.
„ Port Philip stone,at wharf & Forest-hill9/2 and 11/10 yd.
11„ 9Stimpson, Mr.Win.„ Croydon {Travel, at Forest - hill and Lower Sydenham6/2 and 5/6 yard.
12„ 13Bcevers. E and H., Messrs,, Guernsey granite spalls, at wharf. .8/7 per ton.
„ Broken Guernsey granite, Forest-hill and Pengel0/3 per yard.
13„ 13Masters, W.G., Mr.Repairs to Cottage, Penge Stoneyard£15.
14„ 21Woodham, Messrs. W. and JConstruction of sewers,Priory Estate£439.
15„ 21Mowlem, J. & Co., MessrsPaving, &c., Holmshaw-road£356.
16„ 22Woodham and Fry, MessrsSupplyofdugflints,at Forest-hill7/- per yard.
17„ 22Woodhnm, Messrs. W. and J„ picked flints, at Penge8/6 ditto.
18June 19Crockford, W. H., MrPrintingAt a schedule of prices.