London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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red coat schools.
These Schools are well lighted and ventilated, and the
sanitary arrangements are all that can be required.
infants' schools, redman's row.
These Schools are in a cleanly condition, and the sanitary
arrangements to closets are all that can be desired, the works
having been completed that I suggested some time ago.
st. thomas schools, arbor square.
The walls, passages and ceilings, require cleansing badly.
In the Infants' class rooms the walls are in a filthy condition.
In the top floor Boys' Department, the rooms are in a dirty
state, and require cleansing.
The W.C's are in a cleanly condition and have a proper water
supply, but are not sufficently ventilated.
the jewish board school.
This School accommodates 350 Boys, 250 Girls, and 172
Infants. The class rooms are well lighted and ventilated, and
are in a cleanly condition.
The water closets are sufficient in number, cleanly, and fitted
with an adequate water supply.
copperfield free schools.
This is a very large School, capable of accommodating 780
children, 550 Boys, and 350 Girls. The whole of the school
rooms are clean, well lighted and ventilated.
The water closet accommodation is adequate, and flushing
apparatus satisfactory.
the german roman catholic school, union st.
These Schools are for the accommodation of German Roman
Catholic children, the school rooms are well lighted and
ventilated, and in a cleanly condition.
The water closets are provided with automatic flushing
In concluding this my Annual Report I have again to thank
the members of the Sanitary Committee and the Vestry
generally, for their support and assistance during the past year.
I am, Gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
Medical Officer of Health.

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The Cottage, abbott's yrd.,Adelina GroveNovember 3.Walls damp and defective, ceilings defective, premises dilapidated.21 days.House shut up.
62, Cadiz Street.November 5.Walls damp, floor-boards rotten, premises generally dilapidated.21 days.House now habitable.
11, Coke Street.November 5.Not sufficient light and air in the ground floor living room.21 days.Necessary alterations done and house now habitables
24, Harford Street.November 19Houses in a filthy state and very dilapidated.21 days.Houses shut up.
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1, Union PlaceNovember 19Walls damp and dirty, not sufficient light to the living rooms, no ventilation under floor-boards, floor-boards rotten, drains defective, no water on W. C.21 days.Proceedings to shut these houses up pending.
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7, Plumbers Row.November 19Walls and ceilings very dirty and dilapidated, the yard so built over as to shut out both light and air to the ground floor room.21 days.Work in progress.
16, Lomas Buildings.Walls damp and dilapidated.21 days.House shut up.