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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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for the year 1890-91.
To the Vestry of the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town.
We beg to present to you our Annual Report of the
various Sanitary Works carried out during the year ending 25th
March, 1891. In consequence of your Medical Officer of
Health having to report under the Local Government Act, for
the year ending 1890, it will be found that the figures
enumerated, will not correspond with those contained in the
Report of the Medical Officer of Health.
Sanitary Inspectors' Report of works executed during the year
ending the 25th March, 1891.
Number of complaints received and remedied 193
Total number of houses inspected 4044
„ „ notices served 2009
Water supply provided to closets 1205
Yards paved 72
Receptacles for dust provided 163
Traps provided to sinks and drains 69
Houses cleansed and repaired 34
New drains constructed 61
Drains cleansed and repaired 282
Drains tested 43
Drains flushed 47
Areas drained 9
Stables drained 10
New closets erected 6
Waste pipes of sinks disconnected from drains 111
Water supply for domestic purposes separated
from cisterns used for flushing closets 296
Offensive accumulations removed 14
Occupation of underground rooms as sleeping
apartments discontinued 21
Summonses granted by a magistrate for noncompliance
with orders for Sanitary works 47
Magistrate's Orders obtained 26
Houses disinfected in consequence of infectious
diseases 248
Articles of bedding and clothing disinfected 1390
Overcrowding abated 3
Cesspools abolished 4

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