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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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the past year, and they were all being kept in such a good
sanitary state, that no opposition to their being relicensed was
offered by us.
In my last annual report I brought to your notice the results
of my inspection of the Board Schools in the Hamlet. I now
lay before you the report of the Voluntary Schools, and as will
be seen on comparing the two reports, the Voluntary Schools
were much behind those of the Board Schools in their sanitary
condition, but I am glad to say that most of the defects then
found to exist are now remedied.
st. luke's schools.
This School is that connected with the Rev. Wallace's
Church. It accommodates 290 Girls and Infants, and 90 Boys.
The school rooms are clean, well lighted, and well ventilated.
With regard to the Girls' and Infants' "W.C's," the
flushing apparatus is very defective, traps to pans useless,
and there is no ventilation. On the Boys' side there is no
water supply laid on to the closets, and they are not properly
st. paul's voluntary schools.
This School accommodates 150 Girls and Infants and 100
Boys. The rooms are well lighted and ventilated.
The flushing apparatus of both Boys' and Girls' closets are
very inadequate, whilst the closets themselves are badly constructed
and wanting in cleanliness. The channel is so constructed
as not to allow any water to remain in it. The trapping
of the drain is bad.
In the School Houses adjoining, the water supply for
domestic purposes is same as that used for water closets.
The sink pipes run into the drain causing an intolerable
st. peter's voluntary schools.
This School accommodates 200 Boys.
There are 5 W.C's, which are well constructed, and provided
with proper water supply, but require to be flushed more
frequently than is at present done. The floor of urinal requires
to be made with a proper slope towards the trap.
All the School rooms are clean and well ventilated, except
upper room form "1," which walls and ceilings are dirty and
and require cleansing.


Of houses reported to the Committee by the Medical Officer of Health as being dangerous or injurious to health,

so as to be unfit for human habitation.

Situation of Property.Date of representation.Nature of representation.Order of Committee to make same habitable.State of Premises on December 31st, 1890.
1, Knott Street.October 28.House generally dilapidated, walls damp, floor-boards rotten and unsafe, on water on W.C. walls faulty.28 days. JHouse made habitable.
11, Knott Street.October 28.Walls damp, house generally dilapida ted.28 days.House made habitable.
21, Knott Street.October 28.Premises generally dilapidated, walls damp, no water on W.C.28 days.House shut up.
24, Knott Street.October 28.Walls damp, very dirty, premises generally dilapidated.28 days.House shut up.
37, Ocean Street.October 28.Roof defective, premises generally dilapidated.28 days.House made fit for habitation.
58, Cadiz Street.November 5.Roof defective, staircase rotten, floorboards rotten, premises generally dilapidated.21 days.House now made habitable.
48, Knott Street.November 5.Walls damp, ceilings defective, floorboards rotten.21 days.House shut up.