London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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G eneral P urposes A ccount— Continued.

March 25th, 1891.March 25th, 1891.
Brought forward2,521173Brought forward8,03036
To Gingell, (J.) Son, & Cruickshank, Fodder52118By Balance (deficiency)1 ,805711
Ginn, D. G., Ironmongery11110
Girling, J. & H.,coals (2 tons) for Establishment2140
Great Eastern Railway Co.,carriage of refuse Griffiths W., re-dressing and re-laving Ditching2450
in Commercial Road2,50000
Ditto, Guernsey edge kerb, &c.26134
Hayes & Son, repairs to slop vans as per contract1100
Hawkings, S. W., repairs to destructor, &c.2669
Jarvis, T., wheeling and tyreing24116
Medical Practitioners, notification of infectious diseases1636
M. E. (). T. Guardians, broken granite55144
Powell, N. J.& Co., Stationery20112
Pottier, G., Stakes, Poles, &c.11116
Ratcliff, J. B., (registrar), copies of entries of births and deaths243
Relieving Officers, removal of cases of Infectious diseases to Hospital5120
Rochester & Fox, Brake hire for Dusting and Cleansing Committee, one survey200
Sacker, W. H. & Son, Gas repairs, &c.451
Shearing, F. W., Beans22100
Shelitoe, E., Timber1211
Shove, Mrs. M. A., Bran1300
Slade, J. & Co., Seeds for Recreation Grounds374
Smith, A., Brooms37160
Stephings, J., Timber1193
School Board for London, first moiety of half yearly precept4,24372
Tuck well, T. G., oilman's articles to Establish- ments1200
Waters, A.C., (General Register Office), returns of deaths in Institutions outside but belonging to Hamlet226
Weston & Westall, Salt for melting snow17158
Wheatley, E. S., Printing55140
Wills & Packham, flints, sand, hoggin, and ballast82155
Whittingham, T., repairs to harness, &c.1980£9,832115
Audited, and found correct, this 19th day of May, 1891. w. s. colley. j. f. haines.Signed t. murphy. Auditors. william bull. richard halley.

We, the undersigned Auditors of the Accounts of the Vestry of the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town in the County of London,
Do hereby certify that the aforegoing are correct abstracts of the receipts and expenditure of the said Vestry fo
the year ended the 25th day of March, 1S91, as audited and allowed by us, and correct statements of the monies
owing to and debts and liabilities owing by the said Vestry on that day, and of all contracts entered into by the said
Vestry in that year.
Dated this 19th day of May, 1891.
Signed T. MURPHY. Auditors.