London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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S pecial L iabilities.

fo. ref.£s.d.
March 2^th, 1891.-
To Balance of£25,000,amount borrowed from the Metropolitan Board of Works, upon mortgage of the whole of the Rates, for the purpose of the expenses of repaying the Mile End and Commercial RoadsG1253,75°00
2,000,ditto ditto ditto Oxford Street and Diamond Row Improvements12880000
4,000,ditto ditto ditto certain granite paving works1251,14000
2,250,ditto ditto ditto certain new paving works in Devonshire-st.1251,45900
6,500,ditto ditto ditto paving the unpaved portion of carriageway in Devonshire Street, and repaving the carriageway of White Horse Lane within the Hamlet1264,87500
1,000,ditto ditto ditto purchase of land at Edmonton, for disposal1
of the House refuse in the Hamlet13075000
2,500,ditto ditto ditto new granite paving works on either side of the tramways in Grove Road, and in that part of Sidney Street which was formerly known as Epping Place, and in Union Street, all within the Hamlet262,12500
7,000,ditto ditto ditto effecting a Street Improvement in this Hamlet for widening and improving the Northen end of Harford Street1286,30000
10,000,ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto1282,492116
5,000,ditto ditto ditto executing certain granite paving works in Mile End Road (between Stepney Green and Globe Road) and Northern end of Globe Road1264,33200
£28,02 3116
Audited and found correct this 19th day of May, 1891. j. f. haines. w. s. colley. Signed t. murphy. Auditors. william bull. richard halley.

Lighting Account.

March 25th, 1891.March 25th, 1891.
To Carter & Aynsley, Lamp Columns2760By Balance in hand as per folio 313589118
Commercial Gas Company, Gas to Public Lamps95000Balance (deficiency)387144
Audited and found correct this 19th day of May, 1891. J. F. HAINES. W. S. COLLEY. Signed T. MURPHY. Auditors. WILLIAM BULL. RICHARD HALLEY,