London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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General Purposes Account.

March 25th, 1891.March 25th, 1891.
To London County Council in respect of the following outstanding loans :By balance in hand as per folio 311716140
Overseers' amount due "on Call of October last7,02500
Proportion of—Rents of shop in Canal Road12100
18th annual instalment of £1,250 off £25,000 due 1st October, 189162500„ land, Edmonton900
Ashes, &c., sold19860
13th annual instalment of £100 off £2,000 due 1 st January, 18922500For Stable manure2100
Removal of trade refuse12100
nth annual instalment of £286 off ,£4,000 due 1st October, 189114300London County Council—
Proportion of amount due in respect of the Salary of Medical Officer of Health37100
The 8th annual instalment of £113 off £2,250 due 1st April, 189111300
Metropolitan Asylums Board—
Proportion of—Amount to be received in respect of cost of Notification of Infectious Diseases1636
6tn annual instalment of £,325 off £6,500 due 1st July. 1891243150
London County Council—
6th annual instalment of .£50 off £ 1,000 due 1st October, 18912500Disputed amount due in respect of the
maintenance, &c., of Commercial Road
4th annual instalment of £125 off £2,500due 1st July, 189193150
3rd annual instalment of £350 oft' £7,000due 1st July, 1891262100
3rd annual instalment of £334 off £5,000due 1st October, 189116700
Interest on loans due 1st April, 1891317153
Allars Bros., barrows1110
Buck & Hickman, Ironmongery tools, &c.998
By ford, J., Lime and Cement1200
Carter & Aynsley, Ironmongery2186
Caston, W., Ironmongery6157
7 ' 0 j Caton, H. W., Veterinary attendance and shoeing3770
Cole, T. & W., Smiths' work10683
Commercial Gas Co., Gas to Establishments2500
Crompton, R. F., (registrar) copies of entries of births and deaths447
Davis, C., Baskets470
Durell, R., Timber600
East, J., TimberJ410
East London Water Works Co., Water to Establishments61010
Eyre & Spottiswoode, parliamentary bills2110
Fox, W. & Co., fixing wire work to Recreation Ground2500
Gardner, H. J. & Co., hire of horses, carts and drivers173136
Gardner, T.& Co., Lighterage7900
Carried forward £2521173
Carried forward£8,03036