London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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sewers Account.£ ref.£s.d.
To Balance brought forward from last year's accounta 103,292By Advertisementss I7165
Clothes, &c., for men—
Deposits, sewers, less amounts re-Sewer boots1071500
turnables 1318183Hose105400
Interest allowed by Bankers, proportion4522131Sou Westers1070178
Salary of Medical Officer of Health moiety from L.C.C., proportion of83911210Deodorising boxes1138185
Rates on Calls—Entrance flaps414186
Sewers, excess of calls62633811Expenses of No. 3 Committee211982
Sale of old iron, proportion69300Flushing boxes29660
769Gully grates and frames414895
Hose for flushing431150
Oil, candles, &c.6321187
Petty expenses 111 Clerks' Office, p portion O 1 * — 1 "ro- 714997
Salaries, proportion861,1381510
Sewer work under contract—
Jobbing (including special work in Canal Road, Bridge Street, Railway Place, Entick Street, &c.951,302166
Sewer ladles, rods, scrapers, hooks and lanterns, &c.10514511
Urinal nuisance, &c.59228
Urinals, repairs120641
Ventilating gratings4117810
Wages, sewers14349988
Water for Hushing—
Balance in hand—
Bankersg 48586149
Clerk, deposits, sewers (paid in Bank 15th May, 189114918183