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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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12 NOVEMBER, 1890.
"Resolved and Ordered—That St. Peter's Street in
"the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town, be re-named
'Guernsey Street,'
"and that notice of this Order be given to the
"Vestry of Mile End Old Town, pursuant to the
"87th section of the Metropolis Management
"Amendment Act, 1862.
"L. S."
and your Committee resolved to recommend—That your
Clerk cause the requisite notices of such Order to be served
upon the owners or occupiers of houses and premises in such
for the carrying out of the Order of the London County
(2) That your Surveyor brought up and read a Report for
which your Committee beg to refer your Board to his Report
That your Committee considered an application from
Mr. E. Lough for the Vestry to fix a public lamp against the
house No. 1, Whitman Road, and your Committee having
inspected the place referred to resolved to recommend—That
the application be not acceded to, but that the owners thereat
be advised to place gates at the place mentioned, which, in
the opinion of your Committee, would effectually prevent any
such nuisance as is complained of.
(3) That your Committee considered an application from
Messrs. Miller & Rochester, for permission to erect a flagstaff
on the unpaved footway in front of the "Plough P.H.," Mile
End Road, and your Committee having inspected the place
referred to resolved to recommend—That the application be
not acceded to.
(4) That your Committee having inspected Maplin Street
resolved to recommend—That the channels of such street be
paved with Tees Scoriae Blocks, the estimated cost being £96.
(5) That your Committee considered a memorial from the inhabitants
of Rectory Square, praying that the Vestry would
for the better lighting of such square erect additional lamps
thereat, and your Committee having inspected such place
resolved to recommend—That an additional lamp be placed
at the entrance to Rectory Square, and that it be protected
by a curb, the estimated cost being £4 10/-.
(6) That your Committee considered a letter from Messrs.
Hammack and Lambert as follows:

(1) That your Clerk submitted a Financial Statement a copy of which is as follows:

Financial Statement, Thursday, 6th November, 1890.
Balance at Bankers£4,837199
Cheques drawn but not paid.
East London Water Works Co.7190
School Board for London4239188
Available balance£57515
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(2) That your Clerk submitted the following Accounts duly certified and approved which your Committee recommend for payment, viz.:

Scott, T. G.Advertisements705
French Asphalte Co.Repairs to asphalte paving, Mile End Road3510
M.E.O.T. GuardiansBroken Guernsey granite2141
Commercial Gas Co.Gas to public lamps899182
,, Vestry Hall and Shed695
„ Stables and Riga Wharf480
One quarter to Michaelmas last92117
Jarvis, T.Three slop vans10010
Fox, W. & Co.Repairs to sieves3120
Paton & CharlesCarbolic soap120
Waters, A. C. (General Register Office)Returns of deaths in Institutions outside but belonging to the Hamlet (Six months to Michaelmas)259
Newton, J.Rates on Dust Wharf7130
(Rate Collector)„ Destructor142
Vestry Hall8171
Stainforth, E. J. (Ditto),, Stables, &c., Canal Road5177
Cundick, B. [Ditto)„ Riga Wharf8171
Knight, J. M. (Surveyor)For payment of expenses for refreshments for No. 1 Committee, one survey, 16th July last200
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