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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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12 NOVEMBER, 1890.
After discussion Mr. Calton by consent withdrew his
Moved by Mr. Richardson seconded by Mr. Steadman as an
amendment- That the salary of the Hallkeepers be increased
from 25/- to 35/- per week.
The amendment was submitted to a show of hands and
there appeared
In favour 8 votes
Against 14 „
The Chairman declared the amendment lost, and then submitted
the motion and declared it carried, and it was resolved
delegates, appointment of.
Moved by Mr. Henley seconded by Mr. Upton and resolved
—That that part of the Report be adopted, and it was
resolved accordingly.
The following members were then nominated, viz.: Messrs.
Padfield, Coker, Baxter, Macve, Steadman, and Upton.
Messrs. Steadman, Macve, and Padfield having declined to
stand, the remaining names were submitted to a show of
hands and there appeared
In favor of Mr. Coker 21 votes
„ Mr. Baxter 13 „
„ Mr. Upton 15 „
The Chairman declared Mr. Coker and Mr. Upton elected.
VI. The Report of Committee No. 2 was brought up as follows:
To the Vestry of the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town.
Report of Committee No. 2.
For Highways, Paving, Lighting and Watering.
Wednesday, 12th November, 1890.
Your Committee beg to report that they met 011 Thursday,
the 30th day of October, ult., there being present Messrs.
Hirst, J. Druitt, W. A. Kemp, J. Brown, and Ockelford.
(1) That your Clerk submitted an Order of the London County
Council for altering the name ot St. Peter s Street to
"Guernsey Street as follows:
"London County Council.
"Extract from the Minutes of the proceedings at a
"meeting of the Council, held on the Seventh day ot
"October, 1890.

The tenders were then opened as follows:

Taking up and re-laying, &c., at per yard super.Taking up, redressing, &c., at per yard super.New Guernsey Pitching at per yard super.Concrete at per yard cube.Excava-ting and Carting away at per yard cube.
Woodham & Fry1/103/510/315/-2/9
Griffiths, W.1/33/810/613/63/3
Rutty, G. G.2/64/-10/610/-3/-
Turner & Son2/-4/312/315/64/6
Mowlem, J.& Co.2/-3/510/1114/-3/6
Biggs, J.2/-3/611/-15/-4/-