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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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12 NOVEMBER, 1890.
"59, Bishopsgate Street, City,
"London, E.C., October 8th, 1890.
"Dear Sir,
"Re Widening White Horse Lane.
"In reply to your note, our client would be willing
"to aid in above property by accepting £150, and the
"making good of the pavement by Vestry. We think
"this not unreasonable, as the area of the land will be
"considerably reduced for building purposes.
"Yours faithfully,
"J. Knight, Esq."
and your Committee having inspected the place referred to
resolved to recommend—That Messrs. Hammock & Lambert
be informed that the Vestry are not prepared to carry out
the proposed Improvement at the East corner of White Horse
Lane on the terms suggested.
(7) That your Committee considered a memorial from the inhabitants
of Antil Terrace praying that a lamp be placed
opposite Nos. 1 and 2 in such terrace, and your Committee
having inspected the place referred to resolved to recommend
—That the memorialists be informed that the Vestry do not
deem it necessary to comply with their request.
(8) That the owners of the houses in Dinah Row and Edgar
Place having objected to the footway thereof being made a
highway, and having carried out the paving thereof to the
satisfaction of your Surveyor, your Committee resolved to
recommend—That the resolution of the Vestry of the 5th day
of February, 1890, be not further proceeded with.
(9) That your Committee pursuant to the reference of your
Board inspected St. Dunstan's Road, but tailed to find any
obstructions therein as complained of.
rowland hirst.
Signed w. a. kemp.
w. ockelford.
Moved by Mr. Hirst seconded by Mr. Upton—That
the Report be received.
Resolved—That it be considered seriatim.
re-naming st. peter's street.
Moved by Mr. Hirst and seconded—That that part ot the
Report be adopted.

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