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Hackney 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hackney]

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Illegitimate Births and Birth-rate—The total number of illegitimate
births registered in the Borough during the year 1912 was
370, but of these I am informed by the Registrar-General that
261 should be transferred to districts outside of Hackney, as the
mothers were not Hackney residents; and that 13 births taking
place in other districts should be transferred to Hackney. Making
these corrections there remain 122 illegitimate births amongst
Hackney residents. This is equivalent to an illegitimate birth-rate
of 22.5 per 1,000 registered births.
The following table gives the number of registered births, birthrates,
&c., for the sub-districts in the Borough:—

Table. Births.

Registration District of Hackney.Registration Sub-District.All London.
Total No. of Births5,4251,0151,2931,6471,470110,353
Rate per 1,000 living24.318.723.928.425.724.5
No. of Illegitimate Births122
Rate per 1,000 Births225
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