London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1924

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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Fruit (Green).—A decrease is shown in this class of goods as compared with the preceding year.

Apples—267 cases, barrels76214
Oranges—152 cases3729
Bananas—91 crates31116
Pears—627 cases, 18f barrels100010
Tomatoes—10 bundles6320
Plums—22 boxes4317
Grapes—80 barrels, 4 boxes12414
Mangoes—51 boxes8320
Grape Fruit—7 cases420
Melons—26 cases1216
Mandarinas—49 cases2900
Sundries—99 cases9919
Total weight394223

Fruit (Dried).—This shows an increase as compared with the preceding year.

Dates—6,825 packages2379027
Figs—49 bags1921
Raisins and Currants—1,152 cases3218013
Sultanas—3,368 cases, &c.883315
Prunes—137 cases30311
Sundries—5 cases318
Total weight ....36214319

Fruit (Tinned and Bottled).—

Apricots—16 cases, 5 tins11113
Peaches—17 cases, 2 tins13315
Pines—9 cases, 57 tins5227
Tomatoes—12 cases, 56 tins914
Pears—78 cases, 31 tinsl1636
Cherries—35 cases, 519 tinsl19116
Plums—5 cases5021
Fruit Pulp, 989 cases, 587 tins308315
Tomato Puree—89 cases, 40 tins3808
Sundries—60 cases, 4 tins118120
Total weight ....411705

Jam, Marmalade and Honey—

44 cases2616
Fresh—429 cases52427
Tinned—117 cases, 273 tins59311
Total weight5714118


Whole—8 bags10026
Sundry—395 cases34103
Total weight341111

Provisions.—This class of goods shows an increase as compared with last year.

Tea—2 cases1115
Coffee—9 bags7124
Chicory—75 bags31038
Butter—2 packages121
Cheese—9 crates, 46 cases6829
Lard—2 cases1016
Condensed Milk—129 cases, 2 tins217324
Sugar—78 bags617224
Sugar Sweepings 15,581 bags1,425100
Total weight ...1,445621