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City of London 1924

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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Ox-tongue Roots.—It having been brought to my notice by certain consignees
that they were receiving ox-tongue roots, I considered this material too
liable to actinomycosis to pass without close examination. Thawing out 480
tongue roots showed 5% affected with actinomycosis.
I gave instructions that until further notice all tongue roots must be placed
in dock store for thawing and examination. The percentage was much larger than
that which had been recently found in whole ox-tongues examined.
Beef.—The total quantity of frozen and chilled beef stopped by your officers,
surrendered by the consignees, and disposed of as unfit for human consumption,
was 1,621 quarters and crops, 363 bags and a quantity of trimmings and pieces,
the total weight of which was 141 tons 8 cwts. 2 qrs. 17 lbs., as compared with 30
tons, 18 cwts. 1 qr. 2 lbs. in the preceding year.
The largest quantity from any one vessel was 929 quarters and crops weighing
51 tons 18 cwts. 1 qr. 4 lbs.
Mutton and Lamb.—The total quantity of frozen mutton stopped by your
officers and disposed of as unfit for human consumption was 403 carcases, 798
pieces and a quantity of trimmings, the total weight being 13 tons 11 cwts. 1 qr.
5 lbs. as compared with 84 tons 16 cwts. 3 qrs. 23 lbs. in the preceding year.
The largest quantity from any one vessel was 231 carcases, weighing 3 tons 17
cwts. 0 qrs. 15 lbs.
Pork.—During the year a careful examination was made of a percentage of
all consignments of pig carcases landed within the district of the Port of London
Sanitary Authority, and resulted in a detailed examination of 4,441 carcases, of
which 13, equalling 0.29 per cent., were found to be affected with tuberculosis.

Offal.—The offal stopped as unfit for human consumption was as follows :—-

Ox Tongues—120 bags, 277 loose514113
Ox Hearts—115 bags212317
Ox Kidneys—97 bags219323
Ox Tails—115 bags212012
Ox Skirts—248 bags515311
Ox Cheeks—61 bags13327
Ox Livers—139 bags, 13 loose32020
Tripe—15 bags939
Sweetbreads—10 bags2324
Sheep Hearts—98 bags22313
Sundries—19 bags, cases, &c19220
Total weight ....2619221

Sausages.—76 boxes of sausages, weighing 1 ton 14 cwts. 2 qrs. 3 lbs., were
seized during the year, as compared with 4 cwts. 0 qrs. 14 lbs. last year.
Meats (Canned).—This class of goods shows a decrease as compared with last
year. Tinned meats seized and disposed of consisted of 3 cases and 362 tins,
weighing 16 cwts. 0 qrs. 15 lbs.
Meats (Smoked and Salted).—6 cases, weighing 3 cwts. 0 qrs. 7 lbs.
Rabbits (Frozen).—74 crates, weighing 1 ton 4 cwts. 2 qrs. 17 lbs.
Poultry and Game.—7 bags, weighing 1 qr. 2 lbs.

Poultry and Game.-7 bags, weighing 1 qr. 2 lbs.

Wet—8 boxes__30
Tinned—467 cases and 480 tins12605
Total weight12635