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Tottenham 1923

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Tottenham]


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    Return of Houses, Population, etc., at November, 1923, as supplied to us by the Treasurer's Department.
    WardAcreagea HousesTotal No. of a Housesb Other Buildings and AssessmentsEstimated populationRateable Value
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    Table showing the Population, Birth and Death Rates, in Wards, during 1923.
    WardNo. of BirthsNo. of DeathsPopulationGeneral Birth-rateGeneral Death-rateNo. of Deaths Under 1 YearInfant Mortality per 1000 of PopulationInfant Mortality per 1000 Births
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    Table showing Percentage of Removals of Cases of Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria, and Enteric Fever.
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    Diseases.Cases notified.Deaths.Death Rate.
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    The County Council undertakes the treatment of Tuberculosis.
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    169 deaths resulted from Malignant disease, classified according to the organs affected as follows:—
    Digestive System:Males.Females.
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    There were 34 deaths from Violence in 1923, including 4 which were suicidal. In 1922 the number was 68.
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    M. of H. Table I. Table showing the Population, Birth Rate, and Death Rate from all causes, in Tottenham during the last six years.
    YearPopulation estimated to Middle of each YearBirthsTotal Deaths Registered in the DistrictDeaths of Nonresidents registered in the DistrictDeaths of Residents not registered in the District.Nett Deaths belonging to the District
    Uncorrected NumberNett
    Under 1 Year of AgeAt all Ages
    NumberRateNumberRate per 1,000 Nett BirthsNumberRate
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    M. of H. Table II. Table of cases of Infectious Disease coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health during the year 1923, in the Tottenham Urban District, classified according to diseases, ages, and localities.
    Notifiable DiseaseNumber of Cases Notified.Total Cases Notified in Each Locality.Total Cases Removed to Hospital
    At all AgesAt Ages—Years.123456
    Under 11 to 55 to 1515 to 2525 to 4545 to 6565 and upwardsHarrin- gayWest GreenSt. Ann'sHigh CrossMiddleLower
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    M. of H. Table III. TABLE OF DEATHS during the Year 1923 in the Tottenham Urban Sanitary District, classified according to Diseases, Ages, and Localities.
    Causes of DeathDeaths at the subjoined ages of "Residents" whether occurring in or beyond the District (a)Deaths at all ages of "Residents" belonging to Localities, whether occurring in or beyond the DistrictTotal Deaths, whether of "Residents" or "non-Residents" in Institutions in the District (b)
    All AgesUnder 1 year1 and under 22 and under 55 and under 1515 and under 2525 and under 3535 and under 4545 and under 5555 and under 6565 and under 7575 and under 8585 and upwardsHarringayWest GreenSt. Ann'sHigh CrossMiddleLower
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    M. of H. T able IV. Table of Infant Mortality during the year 1923.
    CAUSE OF DEATHUnder 1 week1-2 weeks2-3 weeks3-4 weeksTotal under 4 weeks1-3 months3-6 months6-9 months9-12 monthsTotal Deaths under 1 year
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    Mortuary Table for the Year 1923.
    Bodies Admitted.No. of Post MortemsNumber of InquestsDeaths from ViolenceDeaths from Drowning
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    Name and Situation.Nature of Accommodation.By whom Provided.
  • Page 33
    MonthsNo. of CasesMileage.Receipts.
    SurgicalChildrenNo. 1 AmbulanceNo. 2 AmbulanceNo. 3 Ambulance
  • Page 35
    DateNameNature of CaseResult
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    GENERAL SANITARY WORK. The work of the male Sanitary Inspectors is epitomised and subjoined.
    Harringay Ward (Mr. Redston)West Green Ward (Mr. West)St. Ana's Ward (Mr. Smith)High Cross Ward (Mr.Portman)Middle Ward (Mr. Miller)Lower Ward (Mr. Shillito)
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    Inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors.
    PremisesNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesProsecutions
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    2.— Defects Found.
    ParticularsNumber of DefectsNumber of Prosecutions
    FoundRemediedReferred to H.M. Inspector
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    3.— Home Work.
    OUTWORKERS' LISTS, SECTION 107Number of Inspections of Outworkers' PremisesOutwork in Unwholesome Premises, Section 108Outwork in Infected Premises, Sections 109, 110
    Nature of WorkLists received from EmployersNumber of Addresses of Outworkers received from other CouncilsNumber of Addresses of Outworkers forwarded to other CouncilsProsecutions
    Twice in the yearOnce in the yearFailing to keep or permit inspection of ListsFailing to send ListsInstancesNotices servedProsecutionsInstancesOrders made(Sec.109)Prosecutions (Secs. 109, 110)
    Total ListsOutworkersTotal ListsOutworkers
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    4.—Registered Workshops.
    Workshops on the Register (s. 131) at the end of the yearNumber
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    5.—Other Matters.
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    Children under 1 yearChildren over 1 yearTotal
    1st VisitsRe-visits1st VisitsRe visits
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    Total AttendancesNew CasesNo. of SessionsAverage Attendance per SessionNo. of Children on the Register 1—5 yrs.
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    Dinners to expectant and nursing mothers, and to children under 5 years of age, in necessitous cases have been given as follows:-
    Number of Dinners Served ;—In respect of —Contributions towards cost
    To Expeetant and Nursing MothersTo ToddlersTotal
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    The following table sets out the number of cases treated in this institution subsidised by your Committee, and the details relating to them :—
    rowspan="2">Admitted to the District Matemty Home, EdmontonConfinements—TotalDelivered byTotal
    Live BirthsStill BirthsMid-wivesDoctors
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    Number of days on which the Creche was opened, 229.
    QuarterAttendances under 3 years of ageAttendances over 3 years of AgeTotal
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    Applications for assistance have been dealt with as follows:-
    Assistance GrantedNumber of CasesCost
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    Convalescent Home Treatment. —During the year, 260 children were sent away for varying periods, namely:-
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    Table I.— Number of Pupils inspected 1st January, 1923, to 31st December, 1923.
    AgesRoutine InspectionsSpecialsTotal
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    Table II.—Return of Defects found in the course of Medical Inspection in 1923.
    Defect or DiseaseRoutine Inspections
    Number referred for TreatmentNumber requiring to be kept under Observation, but not referred for Treatment.
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    Table IV.—Treatment of Defects of Pupils during 1923. A.—Treatment of Minor Ailments.
    Disease or Defect.Number of Pupils.
    Referred for Treatment.Treated
    Under Local Education Authority's Scheme.Otherwise.Total
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    B.—Treatment of Visual Defect. Number of Pupils.
    Referred for Refraction.Submitted to RefractionFor whom Glasses were Prescribed.For whom Glasses were ProvidedRecommended for Treatment other than by Glasses.Received other Forms of TreatmentFor whom no Treatment was considered necessary
    Under Local Education Authority's Scheme Clinic or Hos.By Private Practitioner or Hosp.OtherwiseTotal
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    C.—Treatment of Defects of Nose and Throat. (Enlarged Tonsils and Adenoids)
    Referred for TreatmentNumber of Pupils.
    Received Operative Treatment.Received other Forms of Treatment
    Under Local Education Authority's Scheme—Clinic or HospitalBy Private Practitioner or HospitalTotal
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    Table V.—Summary of Treatment of Defects as shown in Table IV. (A, B and C).
    Disease or DefectNumber of Pupils
    Referred for TreatmentTreated
    Under Local Education Authority's SchemeOtherwiseTotal
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    Table VI.—Summary relating to Pupils medically inspected at the Routine Inspections during the Year 1923.
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    Table I.—Number of Children Inspected 1st January, 1923,to 31st December, 1923.
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    Table II. A.—Return of Defects found by Medical Inspection in the Year ended 31st December, 1923.
    Defect or Disease.Routine InspectionsSpecial Inspections
    No. of DefectsNo. of Defects
    Requiring TreatmentRequiring to be kept under observation, but not requiring TreatmentRequiring TreatmentRequiring to be kept under observation, but not requiring Treatment
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    Table II.— continued. B. Number of individual children found at Routine Medical Inspection to Require Treatment (excluding Uncleanliness and Dental Diseases).
    Group (1)Number of ChildrenPercentage of Children found to require Treatment (4)
    Inspected (2)Found to require Treatment (3)
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    Table III- Return of all Exceptional Children in the Area.
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    TABLE III.— continued.
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    Group I- Minor Ailments (excluding Uncleanliness, for which see Group V).
    Disease or DefectNumber of Defects treated, or under treatment during the year.
    Under the Authority's SchemeOtherwiseTotal
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    TABLE IV.— continued. Group II.—Defective Vision and Squint (excluding Minor Eye Defects treated as Minor Ailments—Group I).
    Defect or Disease (1)No. of Defects dealt with
    Under the Authority's Scheme (2)Submitted to refraction by private practitioner or at hospital, apart from the Authority's Scheme (3)Otherwise (4)Total (5)
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    Group III.—Treatment of Defects of Nose and Throat.
    Number of Defects
    Received Operative TreatmentReceived other forms of Treatment (4)Total Number treated (5)
    Under the Authority's Scheme, in Clinic or Hospital (1)By Private Practitoner or Hospital, apart from the Authority's Scheme (2)Total (3)
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    TABLE IV.— continued. Group IV.—Dental Defects.