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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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(b)examined after persuasion or already under treatment--
(c)served with Form 2-
(d)examined after service of Form 2-
(e)prosecuted for failure:
(i) to attend for, and submit to, medical examination
(ii) to submit to and continue treatment--
(f)transferred to other areas-
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ACCIDENT SERVICE. Two ambulances are provided for
dealing with accidents, maternity patients, and cases of serious
illness. These vehicles are housed, driven and supplied with
petrol and oil by a contractor in the Borough, and during the
year made 4,636 journeys, including 4,559 originating in West
Ham, 51 for London County Council (North Woolwich area),
27 for East Ham Council, and 1 for Dagenham Council.
Reciprocal arrangements are in force between West Ham
and East Ham for the use of their respective ambulances, on
call, in cases of emergency. Arrangements also exist with the
London County Council for West Ham ambulances to remove
all emergency cases from the part of the Borough of Woolwich
—north of the Thames; these arrangements are a continuance
of the scheme which operated during the war period. During
the year the East Ham ambulance was called upon by West
Ham on 66 occasions.
An ambulance is also stationed at Silvertown, which
operates from 7 a.m.-il.O p.m. on each day of the week. Cases
arising during the hours not covered by this vehicle are dealt
with by the Council's ambulance contractor. This service is
used mainly for accidents occurring in factories in the Silvertown
area, and certain factory owners contribute towards its cost.
During the year 178 journeys were made by this ambulance.
A car which is stationed at the Council's Transport Depot
is used for sitting cases, who, in the opinion of the doctor, do
not require an ambulance. This service has proved very useful,
and has eased to some extent the work of the two ambulances.
The car made 931 journeys during the year.
The service as a whole has, during the year under review,
functioned very efficiently, and is quite adequate for the district.
No complaints were received of late arrival or of any other
matter in connection with the Council's ambulance scheme.
HOSPITAL AMBULANCES. At Whipps Cross Hospital,
which admits cases from West Ham, East Ham, and a portion

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