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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The total attendances by area were as follows: —
West Ham 3,691
East Ham 368
Essex 1,967
London 176
Other Areas 76
In addition to myself as Director, the staff consists of
1 Sister, 1 Assistant Nurse, and 1 Orderly. The Medical
Officer of Health has very kindly provided the services of a
Health Visitor to visit patients in their homes when advisable.
In conclusion, I should like to express my appreciation of
the friendly co-operation of the various officers, medical and
lay, of the Public Health Department of West Ham, and of
my colleagues in other departments of Queen Mary's Hospital.
My thanks are also due to the Sister and Orderly, who between
them do all the clerical work of this Centre in addition to their
ordinary duties.


Contacts notified to the Medical Officer of Health during the period January 1st to 31st December, 1947:—

(1)(a) Total number of contacts in respect of whom Form 1 was received11
(b) Number in (a) transferred from other areas
(2)Number of cases in (1) in which attempts were made during- the current period outside the scope of the Regulation to persuade the contact to be examined before the latter had been named on a second Form 1: Contacts found-1
Contacts examined or already under treatment-1
(3)(a) Number of these in (1) in respect of whom two or more Forms 1 were received--
(b) Number included in (3) (a) in respect of whom the first Form 1 was previously reported under (1)--
(c) Number included in (3) (a) transferred from other areas--
(4)Number of these in (3) (a) who were: (a) found--
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