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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Defective houses dealt with-
Other defective or insanitary conditions dealt with213
Drain tests carried out242
Certificates granted under Rent Restriction, etc., Acts and Landlord and Tenant (War Damage Acts)101
No. of Notices complied with-(1) by owner4,487
No. of Notices complied with—(2) by occupier26
Summonses issued217
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By comparison with the previous year, when several of the
Inspectors were engaged on duties in connection with war
damage, the amount of work has considerably increased. This
increase is mainly related to house inspections of one kind or
another and consequent procedure. In view of the state in
which so many houses in the Borough have been left as a result
of enemy action—often inflicted on a fabric which was already
unsound from age or dilapidation—it must be anticipated that
the attention of the Sanitary Inspectors will be largely taken up
with the amelioration of defective housing for many years to
The total number of cases of tuberculosis on the Register
at 31st December, 1946, was 1,025. The number of cases added
to the Register during the year on account of fresh notifications
and inward transfers was 268. As a result of "death, removal
from the area, or change of diagnosis, 204 cases were removed
from the Register.
NOTIFICATIONS. During the year 178 cases of pulmonary
and 23 cases of non-pulmonary tuberculosis were formally
notified, making a total of 201 cases (122 males and 79 females).
DEATHS. The total deaths from tuberculosis of all types
during the year was 132, of which 122 (76 males and 46
females) were of the pulmonary form of the disease, and 10
(5 males and 5 females) were of the non-pulmonary form.
By Dr. P. A. Galpin, M.D., D.P.H.,
Chief Clinical Tuberculosis Officer
The following is a summary of the work carried out at the
Chest Clinic: —

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