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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Visits to registered hairdressers and barbers, W.H.C.A., Section 49480
Visits to registered premises wherein food is manutured, W.H.C.A., Section 67476
Visits to registered premises occupied by vendors of food, W.H.C.A., Section 661,001
Visits to cafe and restaurant kitchens, etc., P.H.A., 1925327
Visits to ice-cream makers or dealers, W.H.C.A., Sec. 66, and P.H.A.356
Visits to other food purveyors680
Burial Act, 1857, Sec. 25, Exhumation of human remains3
Visits to shops (Shops Act, 1934)602
Visits to canal boats
Visits re overcrowding provisions of Housing Acts ....203
Drainage inspections2,798
House-to-house inspections under Public Health or Housing Acts1,121
Visits under Rats and Mice Destruction Act1,182
Visits under Increase of Rent Restriction, etc., Acts.122
Visits under Bye-laws—tents, vans, sheds26
Visits to private houses to investigate complaints9,891
Houses inspected under the Housing Act, 1936, re Closing and Demolition Orders or Reconstructions or re Schedules of Evidence145
Smoke observations88
Visits to factories re smoke49
Visits to factories re Steam Whistles Act, 1872-
Visits to places of public amusement, theatres, music halls, cinemas, etc. (Ministry of Health Circular 120 of 1920)40
Visits to licensed premises175
Other visits692
Total Visits41,467
Samples taken under Rag Flock Act3
Samples of domestic water supplies taken for analysis or bacteriological examination-
No. of Notices served7,533
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