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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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266/T Scheme (Tuberculosis Allowances under Government Scheme)----69646751
266/A Scheme (Tuberculosis Allowances under Council's Scheme)-----585973
Examinations at Clinic80554024251744266145516357356027
Domiciliary treatment29310333302010511162
Patients on Clinic Register at 31st December ("Definite" and "Observation" cases)532502397458538454410277
Home Nourishment cases at 31st December29592638280424892
Sputum examinations635672532603725684808954
X-ray examinations41757150562310127099691161
Definite cases on register at 31st December13899156837639048509611025
Doubtful cases on register at 31st December13467111173201108201154
Number examined for the first time8326614976808728799691046
Number of contacts examined272183124207298151280174
Number of definite cases223210146194211176158143
Home Visits—by Tuberculosis Officer2381162052843221717093
Home Visits—by Tuberculosis Health Visitors31793768326631403971679051543799
Medical Boards (Cases referred to Tuberculosis Officer by Medical Boards under Armed Forces' Act, 1938)72071081031241164551
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