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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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cedure still prevailing, such as negotiations with the War
Damage Commission, permits, and the shortage of materials
creates delays in compliance with Notices.
During the year 90 Closing Orders were granted in respect
of dwelling houses by the Magistrates Court under Section 94
of the Public Health Act, 1936, and three Orders for the closing
of basements of dwelling houses, pursuant to Section 12 of the
Housing Act, 1936, were granted to the Housing Committee.
It is the practice of the Local Authority to offer alternative
accommodation to the occupiers.
101 Certificates were issued under the Rent and Mortgage
Interest Restriction Acts.
year there were 274 visits to dairies, and all were found to be
in a satisfactory condition.
FACTORIES ACT, 1937. Upon receipt from H.M. Inspector
of Factories notices are served in respect of inadequate or
defective sanitary accommodation and insufficient ventilation.
Lists of outworkers resident in this area, and who carry
out work for firms situated outside West Ham, are received
from various Authorities. These persons are visited and appropriate
records kept; also outworkers resident within this area,
and working for West Ham firms, are similarly visited.
Other duties in connection with the Factories Act are carried
out bv the Factorv Inspector.

The following is a tabular statement of the work carried out by the Sanitary Inspectors' Section.

Investigations of cases of Notifiable Infectious Disease1,352
Houses inspected following infectious disease-
Visits to factories (mechanically operated)1,039
Visits to factories (without mechanical power)212
Visits to workshops16
Visits to workplaces116
Visits to bakehouses275
Visits to dairies274
Visits to offices (as workplaces), P.H.A., 193660
Visits to outworkers67
Visits to common lodging houses-
Visits to houses let in lodgings2
Visits to cellar dwellings, underground rooms, etc.8
Visits to slaughter-houses137
Visits to scheduled offensive trades197
Visits to fish fryers349
Visits to other noxious trades191
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