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Barnes 1953

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]


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    Table 2.—Vital Statistics of the Borough of Barnes during 1953 and previous 5 Years
    Year.Registered BirthsTotal Deaths Registered in the District.Transferable DeathsNett Deaths belonging to the District.
    Uncorrected Number.Nett.Number.Rate.Of nonresidents registered in the District.Of residents registered outside the District.Under 1 year of ageAt all ages.
    Number.Rate.Number.Rate per 1,000 nett birthsNumberRate
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    Table 3.— Birth.rate, Death.rate, and Analysis of Mortality during the Year 1953, with corresponding rates for england and wales, 160 great towns, 160 smaller towns, and for the County of London for comparison.
    Birthrate Total Population.All Causes.Annual Death.Rate per 1,000 PopulationDeath rate per 1,000 Births.maternal Mortality Rate per 1,000 Total Births
    Typhoid ParatyphoidWhooping Cough.Diphtheria,TuberculosisInfluenza,Small.poxPoliomyelitis Enceph. ,PneumoniaDiarrhcea and Enteritis (under 2 years).Total Deaths under One Year.All CausesPuerperal Infection.Other Causes.
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    Table 4.— Causes of Death during the Year 1953.
    Causes of Death (Registrar-General's short list of causes)Total DeathsMaleFemale
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    Table 5.— Infant Mortal1ty dur1ng the Year 1953. Causes of death, at var1ous ages, of 1nfants under one year.
    Cause of DeathUnder 1 Week1-2 Weeks2-3 Weeks3-4 WeeksTotal under 4 w'ks1-3 Months3-6 Months6-9 Months9-12 MonthsTotal under 1 yearDeaths 1n the BoroughDeaths outs1de Borough
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    Table 6.—Infectious Diseases: Incidence per 1,000 of the Population in 1953.
    Disease.BarnesLondonEngland and Wales
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    Table 7.—Notifiable Infectious Diseases, 1953.
    Diseases.Total Cases NotifiedAges, in years.ParishRemoved to HospitalTotal Daths of Residents†
    Under 1 year1 to 22 to 33 to 44 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 6565 and overBarnesMortlake
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    Table 8.—Notifiable Infectious Diseases, 1943 to 1953.
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    Table 9.—Schools.
    N umber of Schools attendedNumber of scholars who suffered from:—
    Scarlet FeverDiphtheria
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    Table 10.—Tuberculosis Register.
    Form of Disease.On Register 1st Jan, 1953Cases Added.Removed from Register.Remaining on Register 31st Dec., 1953
    Primary Notif nsOtherwise.RestoredTotalNon-Tub.CuredLeft DistrictDeadTotal
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    Table 11.—Tuberculosis: New Cases and Mortality, 1953.
    Age-Periods.New Cases.*Deaths.
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    Table 12.—IMMUNISATION and VACCINATION. Diphtheria Immunisation. The following Table shows the state of Diphtheria Immunisation of the Children of Barnes:—
    Infants 0-4 inclusiveSchool Children 5-14 inclusive
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    Table 13.—Infected Rooms and Articles (Dealt with by the Council).
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    HOUSING Table 14.—HOUSING STATISTICS FOR THE YEAR 1953. 1. Number of Dwellings Owned by the Local Authority:—
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    Household Arrangements in Private Houses
    All HouseholdsHouses occupied by more than one family
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    Table 15.—Food Premises. The following inspections were made in respect of premises where food is prepared, handled and distributed:—
    Nature of inspectionNumber of premisesNumber of visitsNotices issued and complied with
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    Table 17.—Sampling of Other Foods and Drugs. (a) Chemical Analysis.—76 Samples procured under the provisions of the Food & Drugs Act, 1938, included:—
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    Table 18.—Unsound Food The following articles were voluntarily surrendered and destroyed as being unfit for human consumption:— Where quantities are insufficient for salvage all unsound food is collected and disposed of at the Council's Refuse Destructor, by incineration.
    Meat and Meat products, etc.Other Foods
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    Table 20.—Factories.
    No. of Premises on Register.Inspection.
    NumberWritten Notices Served
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    Table 21.—Home Workers.
    Work UndertakenNo. on Register
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    Table 22.—Other Premises.
    Nature of inspectionNumber of premisesNumber of visitsNotices issued and complied with