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Barnes 1953

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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Diphtheria Immunisation.

The following Table shows the state of Diphtheria Immunisation of the Children of Barnes:—

Infants 0-4 inclusiveSchool Children 5-14 inclusive
Estimated Child population2,4494,442
Number immunised during 195333427
Number re-immunised during 195342267
Total number immunised during 19531,4104,100
Percentage immunised at 31st December, 195357.6%92.3%
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Whooping Cough Immunisation.
Number of children immunised by primary course 407
Number of children who had a reinforcing injection 25
Vaccination against Smallpox.
Number of Vaccinations carried out during 1953:—
Children Adults
Primary Vaccination 370 15
Re-vaccination 13 117
Number of Vaccinations carried out at
Clinics 272 12
Number of Vaccinations done by private
doctors 111 120
Figures showing percentage of children under 1 year vaccinated
during 1953:—
Number Vaccinated under 1 year 334
Live births 1952 431
Percentage Vaccinated 77.5%

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