London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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"Having regard to the semi-official limit of five parts per
million for lead in sardines and that, for a short time, as much as
twenty parts per million was tolerated in sardines, we expressed
the opinion that the inner meat with five parts per million of
lead could be used for edible purposes, but nevertheless we hold
the view that even five parts per million of lead is rather a
generous limit for this type of product and that it should be
possible to prepare canned meat with less than five parts per
million of lead.
"Unfortunately, knowledge of the effect of these minute
quantities of lead in foodstuffs is still very limited and some
official pronouncement as to the maximum permissible quantity
of lead which may be allowed is undoubtedly urgently required."
(e) Chemical and Bacteriological Examination of Foods.
Chemical examination is carried out by the Public Analysts,
Mr. G. Taylor, F.R.I.C., and Dr. J. H. Hammence, F.R.I.C., at
20 Eastcheap, E.C.3, and bacteriological examinations by the
Counties Public Health Laboratories, 66 Victoria Street, S.W.I.
Certain biological examinations are undertaken by Dr. A. L.
Sheather of Chorley Wood.
All Manufacturers and Vendors of Ice Cream were circularised
regarding the requirements of the Ice Cream (Heat Treatment, etc.)
Regulations and also informing them of the facilities offered to the
trade re Blood Tests, etc.
The hoped-for revised model bye-laws in connection with the
sale or exposure for sale in the open air of food intended for human
consumption, are not yet available, but may be expected in the near
Sheep Scab Order, 1938.—No action necessary.
Swine Fever Order, 1938.—No action necessary.
Regulation of Movement of Swine Order, 1922.—One case
was dealt with.
Parasitic Mange Order, 1938.—No action necessary.
The following Orders were dealt with as necessary :—
The Live Poultry (Regulation of Sales, Exhibitions and
Movements) Order of 1948.
The Live Poultry (Regulation of Sales, Exhibitions and
Movements) (No. 2) Order of 1948.
The Live Poultry (Regulation of Sales, Exhibitions and
Movements) (No. 3) Order of 1948.
The Sheep Scab (Amendment) Order of 1948.