London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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2 boxes Kippers 211 Chickens
62 jars Herring Fillets 100 Rabbits
1 jar Bismark Fillets 12 Ducks
2 jars Salmon Chovy 551 Eggs
1 pkt. Stuffing
(d) Adulteration, etc.—Food and Drugs Act, 1938.
One hundred and three samples of food and drugs were
submitted to the Public Analysts.
Nine samples were found to be unsatisfactory. Details are
given below:—
Description of Article Result of Analysis Action Taken
Rum (Formal) added water. Letter of warning.
Blackcurrant Cordial
formal) Slight fermentation. No other stock—warning
Vinegar (Informal) Bacterial growth. Consignment returned to
Min. of Food.
Frying Oil (Informal) Mainly mineral. No further supplies
obtainable — warning
Vinegar (Formal) Acetic Acid only. Warning sent.
Whisky (Formal) 4% added water. Court proceedings.
Licensee and Barman
fined £5 and costs
Sausages (Informal) Meat 6% deficiency. Warning sent.
Malted Milk (Informal) Out of condition. Stock surrendered.
Sausages (Formal) Preservative present and Warning sent.
not declared.

Below is given a full list of samples taken for analysis:—

No. examinedNo. unsatisfactory
Formal InformalTotalFormalInformalTotal
Beef Cup11
Beef Vegetable Extract11
Ham. chopped11
Cordial, Blackcurrant1111
Curry Powder22
Fish Roll11
Ice Cream—.88
Icing Sugar11
Peel, mixed11
Spice, mixed11
Amara Tonic—-11
Nursery Powder11
Revitone Tonic11-
Baking Powder22
Black Pudding11-