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Walthamstow 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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"The minimum amount of accommodation required to meet the housing needs as analysed from the list of Housing applications, is as follows:—

Per cent.No.
1 room2.05144
2 rooms1.02112
1 room (single persons)0.7553
2 rooms (young married couples)27.351,904
3 rooms (families with one or two children)54.303,786
4 rooms (families with three to four children or two of opposite sex)12.38861
5 rooms (families with five to six children)1.95137
6 rooms (families with more than six children)0.2015
No. of properties requisitioned1,0621,063
No. of properties still held616572."

At the end of 1948 there were 5 hostels used solely for
the purpose of housing elderly people, with total accommodation
for 48 persons. In addition, there was one halfway house
with accommodation for 14 persons, and another projected.
In the pre-war housing estates, provision had been made
for 40 one-bedroomed type flats for the elderly and on the
post-war Priory Court estate, provision has been made for 14
one-bedroom type flats together with a common room and
sun shelter. These self-contained flats, are let at an inclusive
rental of 10/- per week.
(a) Milk Supply.
The following is contributed by the Chief Sanitary
Designated Milk.
During the year 144 samples of milk were submitted to the
Counties Laboratories for bacteriological examination, including
Phosphatase and Methylene Blue tests.