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Walthamstow 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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seems to be minute in comparison with the needs of the
munity. In an endeavour to relieve the situation everything
possible is being done to ensure that such accommodation as
becomes available is used to its fullest capacity. It has, on
occasion, been found possible to arrange for two, three or
more tenants to transfer from present accommodation in order
that, on completion of this 'switch-round,' an additional
family can be re-housed, i.e., by putting a small family occupying
accommodation greater than is needed into accommodation
adequate for their requirements, and releasing the larger accommodation
for a big family.
"Progress in the building programme consists of the
balance of the prefabricated bungalows allocated to the Borough
being completed, together with a number of permanent houses
on the Millfield Estate, and the completion of some of the multistorey
flats on the Priory Court Estate.
"It had been hoped in the early part of the year to close
down the Rest Centre accommodation. Unfortunately, quite
the reverse was found to be the case, as additional rest centre
accommodation had to be acquired due to the large number
of eviction orders effected through the Courts.
"Experience in operating the original Points Scheme indicated
that some revision was necessary. In the early part of
the year, this revision was put into operation but the Scheme
was under constant review by a special sub-committee, in order
that the most urgent cases could be brought to light and early
investigations be made. A further revised scheme was, therefore,
decided upon in the latter part of the year. There is no
doubt in my mind that as a result of the considerable time and
thought spent by the sub-committee in keeping the Points
Scheme under constant review, it has fully justified the results.

"The progress made in rehousing and the housing situation up to 31st December, 1948, is as follows:—

Prefabricated bungalows occupied466535
Priory Court flats occupied14114
New houses occupied72
War damaged Council houses rebuilt and occupied-17
Families rehoused400323
*Housing applications on the 'live register'9,5537.012
Personal interviews11,4079,273

* Reduced on a canvass to 6,176 on 1st April, 1948.