London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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These samples of milk were taken from roundsmen during the
course of delivery or on arrival at Schools. They include the
bi-monthly sampling of the two dairymen holding Producers'

The following table gives details of samples taken:—

Grade.No. of Samples.Results
Satisfactory.Unsatisfactory in Methylene Blue test only.
Tuberculin Tested Pasteurised29
Tuberculin Tested1
Heat Treated4

Biological Test.
Four samples of pasteurised milk were examined, all of which
were satisfactory.
The Milk (Special Designations) Order, 1936.
Licences for the sale of milk under Special Designations were
granted as follows:—
Dealers' Licences. Supplementary Licences.
Pasteurised Milk 15 Pasteurised Milk 3
Tuberculin Tested Milk 10 Tuberculin Tested Milk 3
Bottling Licences.
Pasteurised Milk 2 Tuberculin Tested Milk
(Pasteurised) 2
There is one Cowshed in the district and the average number
of cows kept is four.
The number of Retail Purveyors of Milk is 65. All of these
sell milk in bottles "as received."
Seventy visits were paid to registered dealers and a satisfactory
standard of cleanliness was maintained.
(b) Ice Cream.
Thirty-eight applications for Registration as Vendors were