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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Of the 6,497 applications, approximately 40 per cent. were from families where the father was unemployed.

ScaleAmountApproximate cost to Authority
Free168 pints256
£d. per pint71,621 ,,8281910
Id. per pint101,777 ,,95432
lfd. per pint56 ,,082
Half cost27,450 ,,185172
201,072 ,,£1,9711310
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The following is a summary of the applications for milk for the past four years :—

Milk.Dried Milk.Unemployed.0/ /o Unemployed.Average per week.
Milk.Dried Milk.
1933 (27th Feb.-31st Dec. )4,6904473,27361.74106.010.1
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Applications for the provision of Home Helps are considered
by the Milk Rota Committee and. if approved, a payment of 12s. 6d.
per week for two weeks is made. In addition to the 87 Home Helps
approved during 1936, many mothers attending the Clinic made their
own arrangements to obtain the help of suitable women whose names
were supplied by the Health Visitors.
Sixteen applications were rejected by the Rota Committee.
The demand for Home Helps has grown progressively during
the past six years: 1931 (3), 1932 (12), 1933 (18), 1934(21), 1935 (60)
and 1936 (87).
A total of 14 children were sent to Institutions under arrangements
approved by your Committee.
One mother was sent away for post-natal convalescent home

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