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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Staff.—Members of the Staff were admitted to hospital beds
suffering from the following complaints "Colds," 2; Tonsillitis, 7;
Acute Bronchitis, 1; Gastritis, 1; Acute Appendicitis (removed to
Connaught Hospital for operation), 1.
Operations at Hospital.—Twelve operations were performed.
Mastoid operations, 5; Incision of drum, 4; Lumbar puncture, 1;
Abscess in thigh incised, 1; Tracheotomy, 1.
Specialist Consultations.—Eight Consultants attended on 43
occasions to see 18 patients for the following reasons:—Ear Complications,
9; Puerperal Phlebitis, 1; Heart Complications, 5;
observation for cerebral complications, 3.
Swabs.—802 swabs were taken and examined during the year
in the laboratory at the Hospital.

Number of Outside Authorities' Cases and Nature.—

DiphtheriaScarlet Fever.Total
From Whipps Cross Hospital5510
From Epping U.D.C.12930
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The following cases were transferred to Whipps Cross Hospital:—Laryngitis
following Measles, 1; Acute Glossitis with severe
dyspnoea, 1; Chronic Gastritis, 1; Rheumatic Endocarditis, 1;
Convalescence following mastoid operation, 1; Chorea, 1.
The following cases were transferred to the Connaught Hospital:—Debility
following Measles, 1; Scarlet Fever (after recovery),
admitted from Connaught Hospital with fractured femur, returned
for further treatment, 1.
Duration of Treatment.—The average duration of treatment
in Hospital was as follows:—
Diphtheria 49.8 days.
Scarlet Fever 27.7 days.
Measles 20 days.
Other diseases 19 days.

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