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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Many difficulties have become apparent in the administration
of the overcrowding provisions of the Act, and a great deal of extra
work has been entailed over and above the routine work involved
in measurements for permitted numbers. Not the least has been
the frequent and repeated alterations in the housing circumstances
of the overcrowded cases, necessitating the closest co-operation
between the Public Health and Housing Departments. In particular,
the Housing Manager reports to the Public Health Department
in advance each batch of overcrowded cases intended to be
re-housed. The particulars are checked up by the, special staff,
and copies of Form B and full information as to the occupants of
the overcrowded dwelling are sent to the Housing Manager as soon
as possible. In many cases the circumstances have so altered since
the original survey that the overcrowding has become abated, and
all such cases are then deleted from the overcrowded list.
Follow-up visits are paid by the District Sanitary Inspectors
in all cases where the overcrowding has become abated by re-housing.
(e) General.
Mr. J. E. West, your Council's Housing Manager, kindly
contributes the following statement:—

(Period 1 st January to 31 st December , 1936.)

Number of additional properties available for letting22
,, vacancies arising52
,, actual lettings74
,, cases re-housed from Scheduled areas18
,, ,, ,, on medical grounds7 (a)
,, ,, ,, from overcrowding schedule27 (b)
,, ,, ,, as registered applicants22
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(a) Includes 3 cases which also appear on the Overcrowding
(b) Includes 6 cases of Council tenants transferred to the
appropriate accommodation.
The total number of actual lettings includes transfers of tenants
in the re-distribution scheme adopted by the Council.

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