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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Rain water pipes renewed232
,, ,, ,, disconnected from drains21
Roofs repaired or renewed882
Gutterings repaired or renewed379
W.C. pans or traps provided401
Gully traps provided100
W.C. flush cisterns provided94
,, ,, ,, repaired173
W.C. floors concreted65
W.C.'s repaired and cleansed437
W.C.'s light and ventilation improved9
Waste pipes renewed or trapped252
,, ,, repaired112
New sinks provided207
Water supply reinstated6
,, ,, taken off main7
Cisterns cleansed and covered24
Conveniences cleansed or repaired26
Sculleries paved64
Yards and forecourts paved and repaired425
Dirty houses cleansed43
,, rooms cleansed2,562
Floors repaired301
Ventilations under floors provided169
New damp-proof courses provided303
Sites concreted5
Offensive accumulations removed40
Animals improperly kept, removed1
Manure receptacles provided2
Stables cleansed, paved and drained50
Manholes repaired or re-sealed84
Other cases of dampness remedied444
Separate Sanitary Conveniences provided to shops where both sexes are employed1
Miscellaneous repairs2,017
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Infectious Disease.

Visits to premises980
Re-visits to premises93
Premises disinfected707
Articles disinfected at Low Hall8,273
Articles destroyed at Low Hall289
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Dampness in Houses.

Sites concreted5
Damp-proof courses provided303
Yards and forecourts paved and drained425
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