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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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"Street Cleansing.—In August an additional 26 sweepers were
employed and the work so arranged that every road in the town
is now swept at least five times per fortnight, whilst a very large
increase was made in the number of roads swept daily. Mechanical
methods of cleansing were continued in conjunction with hand
sweeping. The total area of road cleansed was 307,196,027 square
yards, exclusive of footpaths.
"Gully Cleansing.—The mechanical cleansing of gullies was
continued by contract until the delivery of the new vehicle purchased
by the Council to undertake this work. This was delivered
in September, 1935, and immediately put into use.
"The total number of gullies cleansed was 12,233, every one
of which was completely emptied and sealed with clean water, the
total weight of sludge removed being 1,216 tons."


Mr. M. E. Duncan, Chief Sanitary Inspector, reports as follows:—

No. of inspections made.No. of nuisances detected.No. of complaints received.No. of Informal Notices.No. of Statutory Notices served.Total visits.
Served.Complied with.
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Of the 104 Statutory Notices served during 1936, 92 were
complied with.
The nature and variety of the work done during 1936 is shown
in the following tables:—
Drains tested 467
,, reconstructed or repaired 411
,, obstructions removed 194
,, means of access provided 69
,, ventilation provided or improved 93
,, ventilation repaired 99
Soil pipes repaired 35
,, new, provided 46

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